Henry Z ("Hank") Jones, Jr.

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The Palatine Families of New York - 1710


    • Clothbound, 1,350 pages, illustrations, map, name and place index, and appendices
    • ISBN 0-9613888-2-X
    • $129.95 + $4.50 postage and handling, per set
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A two-volume, fully documented study of ALL 847 "Palatine" families who arrived in Colonial New York from Germany in 1710.

Winner of the Donald Lines Jacobus Award  as Best Genealogical Work of the Year!

"Extraordinary!... The most important study ever taken of this group... An essential work for both historians and genealogists."

--The American Genealogist

"One of the most awaited books in the history of modern genealogy...truly a masterpiece...a monument to the modern "scientific approach," and must be ranked with the classics."

--The Canadian Genealogist

"A major genealogical achievement...will probably never be superseded."

--The New York Genealogical & Biographical Record

"No amount of praise, scholarly or otherwise, can adequately extol the high caliber of The Palatine Families of New York...virtually every statement was documented as to source."

--The Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly

"Genealogy as it should be done!... The results are unbelievable, and one can only stand in awe!"

--Der Reggeboge, Journal of Pennsylvania German Society

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