Henry Z ("Hank") Jones, Jr.

Fellow, American Society of Genealogists

Lecture Topics

NEW>>> Genealogy Today: Where We've Been and Where We're Going!

A look at what's ahead in this amazing world of new genealogical technology that also emphasizes the importance of humanizing our ancestors and not allowing our new tools to dictate our direction as we all climb the family tree.

When the Sources are Wrong!

A study of primary and secondary sources often found to be in error, how to spot them and then overcome these troublesome obstacles as we climb the family tree. This topic is a universal one- touching every ethnic group and every timeframe!

Family Tradition: How to Separate Fact from Fiction in Genealogical Research

A look at how long-held family traditions can be twisted and changed over the years. Using Jost Hite, "The Baron of the Shenandoah Valley" as a textbook example of how tradition can go wrong, this documented study has lessons for us all.

Tracing the Origins of Early 18th Century
Palatine & Other Emigrants

A lively discussion emphasizing the how-to's of pinpointing and then fully tracing the European roots of our ancestors. A step-by-step plan of attack, showing how "They Came Together, They Stayed Together!"

The Palatine Families of New York

The Great Genealogists & What
Made Them Great!

Some legendary family historians of the past, and how they attained successful research results. By studying their attitudes and methodology, we can improve our own genealogical work and bring it to a higher level of quality.

Saints, Sinners & an Occasional Horsethief:
Some Emigrant Stories

Poignant and humorous adventures and anecdotes relating to our courageous forefathers, culled from documents detailing the trials and tribulations they faced when coming to the new world.

I Don't Chase Dead Germans- They Chase Me!

A humorous look at the influence of serendipity and intuitive nudges in genealogy, drawn from the experiences of more than 200 prominent family historians who contributed to Hank's book, Psychic Roots, published by the Genealogical Publishing Company.

How Psychic Roots Became an "Unsolved Mystery!"

Hank shares his adventures behind the NBC-TV dramatization of his ground-breaking bestseller (now in it's 6th printing) and relates even more amazing serendipitous experiences contributed by genealogists worldwide for his new sequel More Psychic Roots.

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